Shipping Information

We get daily delivery from UPS and FedEx. It is better to use these forms of shipment so your packaged can be traced.

When shipping an item to be rebuilt or a core to be returned for core credit refund, please make sure it is drained of all fuel and oil. Seal the item well in a plastic bag and pack it tightly so that it is not loose inside the box. Also make sure that any parts for the unit are not bulging on the side walls of the box. This will cause the unit to rub a hole in the box and can cause damage to that part.

Be sure to put your information inside the box letting us know if this is a core to be returned for core credit or if it is a unit that you want rebuilt.

If the item is a core being returned for core credit, please include a copy of the original invoice. See the Core Policy tab below for more information on core returns.

If you want the unit estimated first, please note that and give your name address, email address, and a good daytime contact phone number where you can be reached and put this information inside the box.

Shipping Address
3401 Hwy 82 East
Greenville, Mississippi 38703 USA
Mailing Address
P.O. Box 5278
Greenville, Mississippi 38704-5278

Proper packaging is important!
This is an example of improper packaging:
PACK1: Box arrived open at corner
PACK2: No packing material inside box