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Our company has two divisions: J & H Diesel Service, Inc., provides sales and service for diesel fuel injection pumps and injectors, along with diesel drive in shop service for diesel vehicles. J & H Turbo Service, Inc. offers sales and service for all makes of turbochargers. Our service shop is located in Greenville, MS, which is in the heart of the Mississippi Delta, on the Mississippi River.

about page J&HJ & H Diesel Service, Inc. is a factory authorized diesel fuel injection sales and service dealer for Stanadyne, Delphi-Lucas-CAV, Bosch, Ambac International, Nippondenso – Denso, Zexel (Diesel KiKi), and Yanmar. J & H Turbo Service, Inc. is factory authorized distributor for Borg Warner – Schwitzer, Garrett – Airesearch, and Warner-Ishi, along with service for Holset and Mitsubishi turbochargers. We also provide after-market service for Cummins, Detroit Diesel, Motorpal-(Deutz), Navistar, Caterpillar, and EMD diesel fuel injection systems.

Our Greenville location houses a very large diesel fuel injection and turbocharger rebuilding facility, covering over 23,000 square feet. Our specialty is diesel fuel injection and turbocharger systems for agricultural, industrial, automotive, marine, and heavy duty diesel engines. We have test equipment to calibrate fuel systems and common rail injector test machines to test newer common rail diesel injectors. J & H has been in business since 1961 and our staff has many years of technical experience to offer our customers.

Our drive in service shop offers vehicle service for Ford, GM, Dodge and light duty diesel pickup trucks. J & H also offers service for light duty commercial diesel applications such as delivery trucks, school buses, wreckers, and other mid range applications. J & H uses OEM computer scan tool software to read and diagnose check engine fault codes to determine the current and logged faults of the engine. Once an engine is scanned, we can correctly identify the engine problems and then perform repair services as needed to make your diesel engine run as it should.  We offer oil change and engine maintenance service.

We can help you with all your diesel fuel injection and turbocharger needs, from new parts sales to rebuilding your old injection pump, injector, or turbocharger. With OEM quality parts and authorized quality repair service, we have you covered.

In order to give you fast and accurate pricing information, we ask that you provide the engine application, the OEM part number for the unit and the part number of the unit you need. You can call or email us and we can help you with your diesel engine needs.   Repair service offered for your unit or new replacement if available.


Repair Procedure Standards

Diesel Fuel Injection Pumps

  • Complete disassembly of the fuel injection pump and component subassemblies. All o-rings, gaskets, and seals are discarded.
  • Thorough cleaning of all parts in ultrasonic parts washer. Parts cleaning solvent is then used for final cleaning and lubrication. Parts are then blown dry with compressed air.
  • Parts are then inspected and missing, worn or broken parts will be replaced.
  • Reassembly of these parts to the fuel injection pump, provided the parts meet with the manufacturer’s requirements.
  • All repairs will be done in accordance with the original equipment manufacturer’s specifications, and recommended procedures.
  • Test of sub-assemblies and complete fuel injection pump with the manufacturer’s prescribed test equipment and in accordance with the original manufacturer’s test specifications. Injection pumps will be calibrated using a test calibration stand with test nozzles, test lines, and calibration fluid as specified by the manufacturer. All diesel injection pumps are operated until optimum operating temperature is achieved.
  • Pump is sealed with caplugs, seal wires attached, and injection pump is painted.

Injectors / Nozzles

  • Complete disassembly of the injector
  • Clean and inspect parts
  • Replace worn parts, springs, and nozzle tip as needed per manufacturer’s specifications.
  • Set opening pressure to manufacturer’s specification, and check for nozzle leak down and nozzle spray pattern.
  • All injectors are painted and/or given a cold blue treatment to prevent rust and corrosion.


  • Complete disassembly of the turbocharger
  • Parts are cleaned with pressure washer, and bead blasted.
  • Resurface turbine housing mount flange
  • Wheel and shaft and bearing housing are checked for wear in bearing journals, ring grove, and straightness of shaft.
  • Replace all gasket, piston rings, seal rings, and bearings
  • Balance wheel and shaft
  • Balance compressor wheel
  • Re-assemble turbo


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