Cooling Modifications

If you own a GM 6.5LTurbo Diesel truck (1994-2000) and have had problems with the injection pump, it may only be a problem with the Pump Mounted Driver (PMD).   The PMD device is mounted on the side of the injection pump and it controls the fuel operations of the injection pump.  The most common problem is  that the engines goes dead while driving, but once the engines cools, it will re-start. One major cause of the failure of the PMD is heat retention around the diesel injection pump and the amount of heat that is put out by the PMD.  The PMD has two 500 watt resistors built inside!

To solve this heat problem, J & H Diesel if offering a bolt on cooling modification known as a PMD Cooler.  As you can see from the pictures  above,  the PMD is mounted to a solid aluminum heat sink style cooling device (PMD cooler) so that the heat is properly dissipated from the PMD.  This device can reduce the temperature by 100 degrees Fahrenheit.  Our cooler is larger than most coolers on the market and other similar coolers are smaller and some even have anodized coatings, which will slow heat dissipation. Our PMD cooler is non coated and has the capacity of reducing heat much faster due to the amount and size of the aluminum in the design.   Our cooler weighs approximately 1.7 lbs and has overall dimensions of 3.5″ x 1.5″ x 7.25″.

The “6.5 Turbo Diesel” cover that is on the engine will have to be removed and  the PMD cooler mounts directly to the intake manifold in the same bolt holes that were used by the old cover. This device is easily installed and will start saving the life of your injection pump. The Cooler comes with 2  mounting bolts for the cooler and 4 screws so the PMD can be mounted to the Cooler.  With our Cooler, you do not need an additional wiring harness. 

You can use your old PMD, but we have found that by the time you remove the intake manifold to get to the old PMD and then remove the old PMD, you would be just as well off by purchasing a new PMD and leaving the old PMD on the pump.  There is a possibility in some cases that the old PMD could be bad. If that were the case and  you went to all the trouble of removing the old PMD and it was bad, all the labor to remove the old PMD would be a waste of time and money.

We offer the Cooler by itself, or as a kit with a Stanadyne factory NEW PMD already installed on the Cooler including a new resistor installed in the wiring harness receptacle of the PMD.  

All you have to do is install the PMD cooler and hookup the wiring harness to the PMD.

For price and stock status, click on the link below  to send an e-mail, or call toll free 1-800-826-5566.